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Book Drop

book drop


If you’ve been fortunate enough to discover one of the 878 books we’ve left lying around Salt Lake City, you’re undoubtedly elated, but probably also a bit curious about our objectives. It’s simple, we love books and our greatest passion is in sharing this love and promoting literacy in our community, which is why we’ve emptied truckloads of free books specially wrapped in seven custom Weller Book Works covers all around town. So keep your eyes peeled because there are literally hundreds of great books out there just begging to be read and spread. If you do find a book, read it and leave it somewhere for someone else to find and enjoy. If you can't wait to find one of our free books, come visit our new location at Trolley Square and we'll set you up with something just right.


book drop cover

Books have been around for centuries. Covers, papers, glues and inks have all changed over time but the basic format has not. When you hold a book in your hands you’re holding a format of the ages for the ages. Whether new or old, the look, feel and yes, smell combine with the words contained to create an object that can edify, entertain and delight you. Do you remember the first book you really loved? What about the one that changed how you looked at the world? Reading a well written, well-designed book - whether new or old - is an experience that can be sensually addicting. We’re here to help.

Some of our employees have favorite books to sniff. All of them have favorites they’d love to acquaint you with. So walk into Weller Book Works and take a good, deep sniff.

This book, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, was donated by Algonquin Books.


book drop cover

You’ve heard that reading is good for you but has anyone told you why? There are lots of reasons so here are a few. Reading teaches you new words. When you build your vocabulary, you write better and you speak better. Reading books takes you to other places so you can learn about different people and their ideas. Even learning about pretend worlds and peoples makes you smarter because you see things differently. Your world actually grows! If you want to learn a new skill, say how to cast a dancing spell, a book tells you how. If you want to learn something more practical, like spying or building a tree house, reading the right book will help. Sometimes you even make a new friend by talking about the book in your hands. And when you’re bored, a book like this will take care of that.

When you read, you use your brain. Even though the brain isn’t a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it, just like a muscle. You get smarter just because you read books. That’s pretty cool.

As if getting this awesome and hilarious free book wasn’t enough, if you bring it back Sam Weller’s Bookstore you’ll get a free bookplate autographed by Ivy and Bean author Annie Barrows, a list of all of the books in the Ivy and Bean series and a fun Ivy and Bean Cootie Catcher!

This book, Ivy & Bean by Annie Barrows, was donated by Chronicle Books.


book drop cover

You’ve heard the phrase, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” But really, what you don’t know cant help you and may very well hurt you. Luckily, books are here to help you know things. In books you find history, scientific theory, big ideas about beauty and truth, and practical instructions. When you read them you arm yourself with knowledge and come to your own conclusions about the world around you. You’ll know what to say and how to say it. You know when someone is distorting facts or numbers to their own advantage. You know how to access more information, make the best choices, and even how to overcome insecurity. Books teach you how to think; how to do. They’re weapons against coercion and stupidity.

Books give you access to genuis. Imagine one person built of Plato, Einstein, Ghandi, the Founding Fathers and Jackie Chan. If you read, you can become that person. You can be a superhero. Your superpower will be knowledge. Weller Book Works has the book to build your armory of knowledge. Don’t delay building it. Become powerful. The world needs you.

This book, Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Merullo, was donated by Algonquin Books.


book drop cover

It’s like a magical first date… It’s like striking up a conversation with a stranger on the train and finding you have so much to talk about that you nearly miss your stop. Discovering a book you love is a wonderful, magical thing. You’re swept into another person’s story, his life, her theories. You find yourself thinking about the book even when you’re not reading it. You’re conversing with the author. You’re dreaming about ideas at night. You’re imagining yourself in the story. And you can’t wait to get back to that book!

Weller’s booksellers have been connecting readers with the right books for more than 80 years now.
Our staff of book loving readers has an average of 14 years of bookselling per person. Come in or log on to Weller Book Works and let us hook you up with your next best friend.

This book, What We Eat When We Eat Alone by renowned vegetarian cookbook author Deborah Madison, was donated by Gibbs Smith.


book drop cover

You bet it does buddy! Books contain the wisdom of the ages. They hold the ideas and concepts that will help build the future. And they’re one of best tools out there for beating. Even better, every time you read one your brain doesn’t just look big, it truly gets bigger and better. And when that happens, not only do people think you’re cool, you are cool. So whether you want to stop an alien invasion or mount one of your own, Weller Book Works has got the books to help you prepare.

This book, H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden, was donated by Simon & Schuster.