Lost Canyons of the Green River cover image


Today many Utahns enjoy boating and fishing Flaming Gorge Reservoir, but I bet few know or even imagine what lies beneath the water's surface. Roy Webb's new book brings to the surface interesting photos and stories of this much neglected part of the Colorado River System.


Roy, an archivist at the University of Utah's Marriott Library, has studied and floated this part of the country and may be the premier historian of these waters. Lost Canyons of the Green River is filled with photos both before and after the 1963 building of Flaming Gorge Dam, chronicling the tales of people who used to run the river before it was dammed and those who built their lives around it by trapping, farming, and ranching. More than just a history, this book is a labor of love for Roy. The subject especially comes to life if you are lucky enough to hear and see him speak, and you are in luck because Roy Webb has scheduled a presentation here at Weller Book Works on June 29th. While here, be sure to check out Roy Webb's other titles we have in stock.