World Book Night LogoI know you've had this experience: you've read a book that's so good, that has consumed you so completely, that you just want to tell everyone about it. You carry it with you and show it to people. The most tenuous connections bring it to mind in conversation. You become an evangalist for the book. Booksellers have this happen and book lovers get it too.


Have I got an event for you! On April 23rd, people across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany will give books to other people simply because they love reading good books and want to share that joy with others. World Book Night began last year in the UK. "Givers" fanned across England and Ireland to distribute 1 million free books to lucky recipients. The event was such a hit that booksellers, librarians, and publishers in the U.S. are participating this year. Organizers are hoping to have tens of thousands of people throughout the United States spread the love of books and reading in their communities by giving away books on a single night.


Sounds great right? You should know a few things. First of all, you must apply on the World Book Night web site to be a book giver, and you must do it by midnight EST February 6. You will be asked to pick three of the available thirty titles and give the organizers an idea of where or to whom you'll be distributing the books. If you are chosen as a giver, the books you'll distribute will be shipped to a pick up point you select, such as Weller Book Works, free of charge.


April 23rd is a big day in the book world. It's UNESCO's World Book Day as well as the anniversary of Cervantes' death. Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April. So was my father-in-law, Sam Weller. I can't think of a better way to honor his literary legacy than to give away books on his birthday. Join me.


Catherine Weller