April is National Poetry Month!

And boy do I love that fact. I love reading poetry; I love reciting poetry. I love annoying my co-workers by reciting poetry to them. I love it when a few lines of well-chosen words can bring tears to my eyes, or make me feel such rage or joy or serenity.


My main method of celebration this month joins my love of poetry with my love of my mobile phone (nerdy, I know). I'm picking a short poem from the public domain every week to print on labels, which I then scatter around Salt Lake City. Here's my favorite so far:

 The New Colossus QR code

If you have a smartphone, but no QR code reader, you can download one from the iPhone app store or the Android play store (formerly known as the market).


For those with no smartphone or other QR reading device, I'll reveal that it's The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus.


So get out your phones and get scanning. Maybe you'll find some poetry.